Susanna (Adriana) Godoy Lohse Passes Away In Kerrville, TX Posted By K L Lohse

Susanna (Adriana) Godoy Lohse, 64, of Kerrville, passed away Sunday, June, 18, 2017, at her home. No services will be held.
Susanna was born Nov. 8, 1952 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Raul Bernardo Godoy y Sayan and Mildred Lee Bickford. She met Kent L Lohse “One Enchanted Evening” in Denver, Colorado, one night after the Berlin Wall was torn down in 1989. On Dec. 31, 1990, Susi and Kenny married in Brighton, Colorado.
Susi spent her early years in Havana, Cuba. She and her mother, sister, brother, and nanny left Havana in 1956. Her father, however, stayed behind and ultimately had his business, their home, and everything else that they owned confiscated by the Castro brothers before he left Cuba alive. Susi attended grade school in Georgetown, Colorado, and graduated from high school in Golden, Colorado.

Susi was a secretary, a paralegal, a nanny, cleaned houses to have more time to paint. She said, “I just paint the images that come out of my mind.” She loved to tell funny stories and keep a group entertained. She was fun to be with. She had the gifts of gab both verbally and in writing. She wrote and published four books aimed at young adults. She won a Gold Award at WorldFest Houston International Film Festival for her screen play of “The Peerless Dulcinea.” She wrote the books and did all the illustrations. She was a “Warrior Princess” in our battle for freedom and liberty and sought to portray those attributes in her books, blogging, blog talk radio, and day to day living. She did as much as she could for as long as she could. She worked with and was adored by most all her friends in the military. Susi could fix most anything and learned to operate the latest gadgets. She played the piano and cooked delicious meals as well. She will be remembered for her quick wit, cracking jokes, her enthusiasm, optimism, and her strong will. She had the ability to know what people would do, before they did it.

Susi practiced Japanese Nichiren Buddhism for more than 40 years.

Susi was preceded in death by both parents; her brother, Stephen Raul Godoy; her nanny, Nestora(Tina) Depestre; and her nephew John Yashinski.

In Montana, she is survived by her sister, Marissa Godoy; niece, Austine Thiel; and nephew, Steven Yashinski. Survivors in Kerrville include her husband, Kent Louis (Kenny) Lohse and her dog Festus “Tres Patas,” who were both with her to the very end.


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  1. Susie was a remarkable person – a real force of nature. I learned so much from her during the years that we shared an apartment in Denver. She taught me how to make black beans (Cuban?) and played Clare De Lune on her grand piano for me.
    Yes, she was creative, industrious, worldly, intuitive and could be very silly and humorous. Her book Peerless Dulcinea is a testament to the qualities that made her such a unique character. May her voice be heard for many generations. Rest in Peace Susie.

    • Thank you so much for your beautiful words, Marie. I especially love the last two sentences. Susi’s own story is a story that deserves to be told. I too hope her beautiful voice will be heard by many in future generations. Her husband, Kent L ‘Kenny’ Lohse, Kerrville, Texas (just 66 miles NW of the Alamo)

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