Patrick Harper, Arizona Libertarian Pioneer


PatCandidatePhotoPatrick Harper 1950-1978

1976 Libertarian U.S. Congressional Candidate

In the early years of the Libertarian party, Patrick Harper, at the age of twenty-six, made history when he ran for Congress in 1976 against Arizona Republican candidate Eldon Rudd, and Democratic candidate Tony Mason. Patrick received 6,001 votes.

As a result, he was the first Libertarian in a major election to hold the balance of power, i.e his vote total exceeded the difference between the Republican and the Democratic candidates.

Tony Mason, the Democrat, sued for a recount, but the case was dismissed.

Descended of fiercely independent Colorado gold miners, and Oklahoma Territory pioneers, Patrick was the beloved son of William James and Hazel Harper, and brother of Susie Harper, of Phoenix, AZ.He was a talented photographer whose works were featured in Arizona Highways magazine.

Pat_with_camerasHe was employed in a professional capacity as Director of Photography and Cinematography of Del E. Webb’s in-house advertising agency, Saguaro Advertising, with aerial photography being one of his favorite parts of the job.

Patrick was also a lover of fast cars, and his sister, Susie, will never forget being a passenger in his BMW as he sped around Colorado mountain curves.

He was also the proud owner of a rare Daytona Dodge Charger.His influence was far reaching, including the exemplary influence he had on a cousin, Susanna Lohse, author, and co-founder of LibertyBelle Publishing, Inc., a book publishing company that specializes in books that teach children about individual freedom, laissez faire capitalism, and personal responsibility.


Patrick in front of his Daytona 500.

Patrick took the photo in my blog header above. The cabin in the photo is located in Alice, a historical gold mining community, near St. Mary’s Glacier, Colorado and once belonged to our joint ancestors, who were successful gold miners at the turn of the early 1900’s.




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