The Uncanny Predictions Made by Jean Dixon 40 Years Ago


These will blow your mind. I noticed these predictions in a copy of ‘The People’s Almanac’ that was published in 1975. Jean Dixon (1904-1997) was a renown clairvoyant.

One thing about clairvoyants, however, is that even the best of them can never pinpoint a date, so I left all the dates off the predictions, because they were supposed to have happened back in the 1970’s and 1980’s. They may not have come true back then, but many are coming true now.

From The People’s Almanac published in 1975:

    • A drastic change in the government of the United States. This government will be committed to partial disarmament and appeasement.
    • The U.S. will suffer an economic depression brought on by ‘social and political giveaways and internal subversion.’
    • Israel will ‘be attacked by its neighbors.’ Russia will be deeply involved in the Middle East.
    • The United States will have its first woman President.
    • At the end of a long Israel-Arab war, ‘the Russians and their satellite armies will move into the area and occupy the land of all the participants. Bloodshed will continue for seven more years. The U.S. will be ‘too weakened economically and militarily to intervene.’
    • [A] leader . . . will be born in 1962 and now growing up somewhere in the Arab world will prove to be a ‘false prophet of evil.’
    • Jesus Christ will be seen ‘bodily, in the Holy Land,’ and all Jews will proclaim him the true Messiah.
    • China will emerge as the greatest industrial power on earth.
    • China will conquer all of Asia and move into the Middle East.
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